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Editor's Note

Due to the Coronavirus we have seen many changes and initiatives which have been deployed in the industry.

Enabling work from home solutions is now actively happening despite the industry advocating this for some years and previous challenges are being proactively tackled as companies embrace a new way of doing things.

For some companies where enabling VPN access for example to their companies presents too much risk they have opted to close the voice channel and ramp up efforts to service clients using alternative channels like WhatsApp, chat and email which removes the complexity of routing calls.

For a while now the buzz word at all conferences and industry events has been the advent of the 4th industrial revolution (4IR) and we are seeing companies enable chat bots for example and leveraging technology to address the frequently asked, often mundane operations within their contact centre.

Many of the Contact Centres have embraced cloud computing and solutions and this investment will now pay dividends as this enables and supports remote working. In some cases, we have been told that companies have allowed their staff to take home their work computers / towers as most call centres do not have laptops deployed in the contact centre which goes to prove that where there is a will there is a way.

I think what is most encouraging is the way in which businesses have responded, the level of empathy and care shown towards their staff whilst still passionate about servicing their customers and finding creative ways to do so. It has also highlighted the need for proper compliance and risk initiatives, BCP planning forums and best practice initiatives as those who have actively engaged in this before the announcement have been able to respond and gear quickly and efficiently with minimal impact to their business.

The CCMG have launched a survey to gather information and get a better understanding of the challenges and deployed solution and have proactively offered to assist those companies that need advice or guidance.

The CCMG have, for the safety of our staff, implemented a  work from home plan which ensures that during this time the staff can still work as per normal from the safety of their own home.  They are equipped with laptops and communication devices which will allow them to deliver to our members and clients.  The Cape Town offices are open for business as usual.

Sharon Haigh, CCMG


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