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Editor's Note

Well 2020 has certainly presented one of the biggest challenges that most businesses will face in their lifetimes. The impact of COVID 19 has meant economies have had to grind to a halt, and businesses and employees are left in a position of not being able to carry out their normal daily activities.

In as much as this has presented challenges it has been incredible to witness the ingenuity of so many people who are turning to rolling out new activities, making new products, providing new services and in many cases it's simply a case of doing your bit to help out others.

CCMG has to the best of our abilities been able to carry out our activities relatively uninterrupted. However, with most businesses being shut this does in fact present a unique opportunity to reach decision makers on our database that suddenly are less busy and more receptive to receiving email communications.

The lock-down WILL end and it's advisable to make sure you're front of mind when business resumes, so now is an ideal time to reach out to prospective clients and companies.

CCMG continually updates it's database with companies being re-researched every 12 months and new companies added daily.

Sharon Haigh, CCMG


Call Center News & Info

Welcome to "The New Normal"! Are you ready?

Two hundred years ago, the industrial revolution changed humankind.Forever. Across Planet Earth, people rushed into new central hives of activity - factories, industrial areas, then office parks, economic hubs, cities.But in early 2020, the COVID-19 Coronavirus struck. And now we're in another new world. The "Lock-down" is in place in many countries. Under various strict rules. And now billions of workers are rushing again: Back home. Many will eventually return to their places of work. But many will not. Or not as often. Either way: every single home is now an equal center of the world economy. Welcome to "The New Normal". With the home at its heart.But are you ready?... read more


Escape to the office

Be careful of what you wish for. Have you heard this prophetic warning before somewhere? Never before have so many people who wished for solitude; isolation; time-out and a break rued those wishes. Working from home (WFH) has been a dream of many people across cultures and boundaries, often ending in despising non-officebound colleagues for the freedom gained by having a flexible lifestyle. Flexible often showing up as flexi-time at the office, or even being based at home and never schlepping into the work environment. Many an envious eye was glanced the way of sales reps and mobile / independent contractors and fellow employees.... read more

It's Time to Be Vulnerable

Early in my CEO career, I would have described a great leader as someone with vision, a growth mindset, authenticity, confidence, charisma, courage… Then a board member called me aside: "Burnison, you need to be more vulnerable. You'll be amazed by the results."I could see a place for humility. But vulnerability? That didn't make it into my top 10. That board member's wise words are even more impactful today. Vulnerability is actually a strength for leaders, who must admit that tomorrow's answers won’t be found in the corner office. Vulnerable leaders incite organizational curiosity, creating a culture of "collective genius." Rather than people being told what to do, they should be inspired about what to think about.... read more


Keeping isolated staff motivated in a pandemic

Cliches and superlatives abound in this strange new world we live in. The Oxford Dictionary will no doubt add these words and terms at the end of Annus Horribilis: “Social distancing”; Covid-19″; “Self-isolation” and "social distancing" etc.We have entered unchartered territory. For most of us, staying completely confined to our homes without the ability to have physical contact with friends, let alone our own family members can be very stressful. Add to that the extra task of trying to maintain a normal life during this period where nothing is "normal" and everything we do has to be monitored to a certain degree... read more

Coronavirus fallout and the future of work

As some territories tentatively begin returning to work, what impact will the coronavirus have on our office life – and more importantly, on our workforce? While there are undoubtedly fears over health concerns and long-term economic implications, there are also some positives that we hope will continue long after the pandemic eases. The significant investment in employee wellbeing, the focus on mindfulness and meditation practices at work, a newfound sense of community and kindness between coworkers, the experimentation with new communication channels, an awareness of whether employees feel connected, and a willingness to step in if not.... read more


Great Customer Service Makes the Difference - Everywhere

Jasco and Five9 in the NEWS... jointly taking great strides in the Cloud Contact Center market and building outstanding Customer Experiences across Africa. As businesses face increasing product commoditization, the only way for them to generate customer loyalty and differentiate in a crowded market is through customer service. Differentiation lies in creating consistently excellent experiences for customers throughout their journey - experiences that are based on a deep understanding of the customer, their preferences, and issues and finally yet importantly, buying behaviors... read more

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