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Newsletter November 2020


Editor's Note

It was only a few weeks ago when I sat down to do the Editors note and we welcomed September wow now we are welcoming November.  What a crazy Merri-Go-Round.  Recently there have been some interesting survey’s and studies that have been completed with regards to post COVID-19 and how we are dealing with it.

This is an extract of some of the stats that I find very interesting.

What do you see as the biggest benefits of working remotely:

  • 30% Not wasting time in the traffic
  • 27% Flexible Schedule
  • 24% More productive due to fewer distractions
  • 19% Ability to balance work and private life/spend more time with family

On the flip side of this: What do you see as the biggest challenges of working remotely

  • 61% Inability to unplug
  • 46% Loneliness/lack of human contact
  • 45% Connectivity issues
  • 41% Distractions at home
  • 28% Communication with management and team members
  • 19% Worries over data security
  • 14% Lack of motivation
  • 11% Other
  • 9% Access to critical business apps

Some very different feedback in these two questions,

more research has said “the Covid 19 pandemic has created a sense of loss of control among people, and the only thing this loss does not extend to you is yourself, they say pointing out that the key to thriving in this new climate is to take control of yourself. To do this effectively, we need to understand that the root of the problem is not stress.  The real challenge we face is the absence of recovery by the pressures created by stress.  After all, stress is part of what we do in the modern world and, as such it is to be expected. However, its worth noting that when you are stressed, your body goes into a high performance state, where your adrenalin is pumping.  The body is not designed to operate in this fashion for lengthy time periods, which is why we need recovery time they say”

I urge you to take the time to recover to take time off from the digital screens you are staring at. 

Have you entered the awards the deadline is looming.  It is a lot of fun being able to tell people how well you and your team have done over the past year and I promise it is such an easy competition. Enter Here:

The other exciting thing is booking yourself onto the upcoming conference on the 26th November.  We have selected 6 fantastic top notch speakers to ensure that you are enlightened and entertained by their knowledge and insight.BOOK NOW

Sharon Haigh, CCMG


Marketing Opportunities

Contact Centre Virtual Conference - November 2020

The South African Contact Centre industry has seen incredible growth, countless game-changing solutions in recent years. It has also seen impressive growth and development of its professionals. Against this exponential growth of the industry and its people, it is time to set our sights on further expansion, investment, and development. It is time for our Contact Centre industry to assume its rightful place in both the African and international arenas.

The CCMG Conference involves a virtual session of information-sharing, debate, and deep discussion around a set of topics which are relevant to the Contact Centre industry. Delegates will be exposed to a 360 view of innovative strategies and implementable solutions and tactics which they are able to apply in their own organisations in a practical way. Essentially delegates are empowered with information and knowledge to lead the African Contact Centre revolution, and thereby promoting international recognition, exceptional CX, improved customer loyalty, higher staff morale, and ultimately increased revenue.

View the Marketing Opportunities

Conference website

Our Members

Reporting Reveals the Past - Airshot Changes the Future

5 ways to use technology to grow your business and your people. Few teams in a company are as data-driven as a sales team. With the multitude of tools available, every activity is measured. From P&L, YTD, MTD, Market Share, Production, Returns, Growth (by person, team, region or division), more data is available than ever before. But does all this reporting drive and motivate salespeople?... read more

Using Incentives to Drive Business Growth

5 ways to use technology to grow your business and your people.Four tried and tested ways to actively improve your incentive campaigns If sales are the engine of your business, sales incentives are the high-octane fuel needed to drive performance. This is an ever-popular, tried-and-true tool used to energise sales teams to sell more by qualifiying for and winning great prizes... read more

Featured Articles & Insights

Voice Verification Case Study

Find out how a multinational European bank shortened the average authentication time with the Phonexia Voice Verify solution and greatly improved customer experience and the average handling time ... read more

Educor cloud migration creates future-ready educator

Educor opted for Pivotal Voice for back-office users and Pivotal on Demand for its contact centres because these solutions offered the most cost-effective option that still delivered all the functionality that users required ... read more


Call Center News & Info

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for call centres and customer contact centres

This guidance is for businesses/organisations that operate in a call centre or customer contact centre environment. It comes into effect immediately - 3 August 2020 - and extends until further notice. Guidance will be reviewed on a regular basis in line with the regular three weekly review of lockdown requirements ... read more

Work-Life Balance

74 per cent of contact centre employees who homework have a better work-life-balance says new survey ... read more

The Role Of A Contact Centre Agent Post COVID

The current crisis has been a catalyst for change in the contact centre but it hasn’t sent the industry on a radically new course. Rather, it has significantly accelerated some key shifts that were already starting to emerge. The first is the shift towards higher levels of automation. The second, the ongoing transition to the cloud and virtualising the contact centre. ... read more

Interesting information

The Internet now reaches 59% of the world’s population. This is currently what happens every minute on the Internet in 2020.

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