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Newsletter December 2020


Editor's Note

In the latest Jack Reacher novel  there is a statement that really hit home. “People respond to crisis in two ways. Some get to work fixing the problem. Others proving the problem wasn’t their fault”.

Dealing with repeat contacts is a huge cost to our organisations and a huge frustration to our customers. However, it is a measure that many organisations struggle to use as effectively as they could. One reason for this is people’s natural tendency to try and absolve themselves of responsibility.
There is rarely a single cause for a repeat contact, it is often the combination of a number of factors, some of which are within our control and some that aren’t.

It is easy to use the factors outside our control to prove that a repeat contact is not our fault, however, if we do that nothing will ever improve. To improve, everybody needs to take ownership of the things that are inside our control and fix these problems. If we do this, we may not achieve perfection and solve everything, but we will certainly improve, and the benefits of even a small improvement are huge. Creating a culture of ownership, will not come from a dashboard alone. It is hard work and requires regular and effective coaching. The time and effort involved is not insignificant, but this should be only a small fraction of the time we can save by removing some of our repeat contacts and associated complaints.

How are you dealing with your current challenges?

Thank you to all our fantastic speakers at the Africa’s Calling Conference held on the 26th November.  The quality of the presenters was top notch and we look forward to them all coming back and presenting their own Webinars in the upcoming months. View the Speaker Profiles

Sharon Haigh, CCMG

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White Paper

How employee communication drives business outcomes

When constant change is everyday business, now more than ever organizations must cut through the day to day noise to drive their most critical and strategic growth initiatives forward. But the way that we change has changed. Slow, incremental change has given way to rapid, enterprise-wide transformations. And in an increasingly noisy world, leaders struggle to create the clarity their employees need to understand the change that’s happening, why it’s happening and their role in it. ... read more

Featured Articles & Insights

Learnerships that create opportunities

Ashleigh Phillips success proves that Learnerships lead to sustainable career opportunities.Work hard. Make the most of every opportunity. Always have a positive attitude. These are the three attributes that are positioning 21-year old Ashleigh Phillips as an inspiring role model for many of South Africa’s youth. read more


Guarding the Gatekeepers

B-BBEE has become a political football that is booted around South Africa’s political and moral conscience. Is B-BBEE legislation intent on narrow scorecard compliance or is there a deeper moral obligation incumbent on society to build a more just, equitable and balanced society? read more

5 secrets for improving employee accountability to impact your business productivity

Is your company brimming with people who are energised around a goal, who own their roles and will move mountains to make the business successful? When people are accountable for their own performance it not only makes their work meaningful, it also drives productivity and adds to the bottom line. read more


The top five attributes that companies should consider when selecting a skills training provider

South Africa is witnessing a contracting economy due to a decrease in local consumption and if this trend gains momentum, it will trap our economy in an even more severe downward spiral. The key to reversing this, according to Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, is to grow the domestic market and get more people economically active. read more

Right on Target

Do you often fail to follow through when it comes to setting and achieving your goals? You could be focusing on the wrong thing. You are focused on the lag measure rather than the lead measure. read more


Members-Only Content: COVID-19 BASICS

We are currently finding our way through the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which was officially diagnosed for the first time in South Africa on 5 March 2020. As our country moves through the various levels of lockdown, employees will be allowed to return to their workplaces in a phased approach. One of the mandatory requirements for all persons to return to their work premises, is to complete COVID-19 training. read more

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