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 Newsletter: November 2021


Editor's Note

Today brings us 40 day's to go to school holiday's and 61 day's to 2022. Wow, lockdown for the past 19 Months and how we have grown, our industry has taken on a whole different way of being successful. Giving my age away I can remember when a fax was introduced and how we were able to do business at then the speed of a telephone line, what do we call it now, at the speed of light. Sometimes before we can think, blink or turn on a light we have the information we require.  What about talking to people face to face its just a meeting request away.  How diving has reduced, is this why the petrol price is increasing because we are not using as much as we use to?

But on a serious note are you and your team ready for the holidays and have you put in place the additional people to maintain your service levels? Have you got the right people to maintain your customer experience stats? Just a thought.

Before we wrap up this year the CCMG will be hosting our virtual conference for 2021.  Our aim is to present ad no waffle, no sales pitches, just straight talking from industry experts.  This conference will give you per topic 3 presenters that have 10 minutes each to pass on their message which will then be followed by a facilitated discussion group where you get to ask questions or debate with the panel about the information shared.

CCMG Ahead of the Curve 2021 Conference
1 December 2021
09:00 - 13:00

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We are going to unpack:

Session 1 - Artificial Intelligence: - What has it done for the industry during Covid and how is it going to support the industry going forward.
Session 2 - Bringing BPO to South Africa: - What we should know, attracting Global Brands.
Session 3 - Coaching and People: - The aim is to present different types of disciplines of Coaching and then discuss their specific benefits.

Do not miss out on our Thought Leaders local and International.

Kind regards
Sharon Haigh (MPP-CCM)
Masters Professional Practitioner in Contact Centre Management NQF8

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Understanding how BBBEE makes allowance to fund the services generally provided by Professional Bodies.

The GREAT NEWS is that that the Legislation DOES MAKE FUNDING available for Professional Body Services when it comes to provisions to fund a range of services provided by those Professional Bodies

Three Call Centre Trends You Can’t Ignore

Within the call centre industry, we know that good data and stable systems are some of the most important aspects to get right if you want to run your business successfully. Also important is to have the right people and to create an environment for them to thrive in; to have a good product or valuable service offering to take to market; and partnerships that will hold the test of time.

Movers & Shakers: Barry Shrosbree, Senior Manager: 1Life

Barry Shrosbree, a senior manager at 1Life, working in the distribution sales division, is this month’s Mover and Shaker. Barry joined 1Life in 2008 in the direct contact centre division and assisted in setting up direct sales business units after which he was promoted to General Manager of direct sales.

BOOK LAUNCH: Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

This book offers insights from experts in the field, and associated fields, of mental health— each of whom have been carefully chosen to share their deep understanding of a specific knowledge area with you.


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