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 Newsletter: March 2023


Editor's Note

Happy March to you all

In a time of continuous changes and challenges having to adapt to things we, have dealt with the rain in various parts of the country the continued loadshedding which changes stages at a moments notice to the regular outages experienced by various substations. We will get through these challenges too.

On a positive and uplifting note. I received this message from Kevin Britz at Leadership by Design.

To all my leaders out there....

Finally, February has arrived, and ships are beginning to sail again. In Andre De Shields's award speech for his Tony Award he mentions wanting to  "thank those who have loved him into consciousness." and carries on with the wisdom of 3 cardinal rules I live my life by today:

  1. Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you coming. 
  2. Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be. 
  3. The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next so keep climbing

Wise words for us all.

Kind regards
Sharon Haigh (MPP-CCM)
Masters Professional Practitioner in Contact Centre Management NQF8

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WEBINAR: How noise is hurting your customers

Noise in our contact centres is inevitable and has an impact on Average Handle Time and Customer Experience, with requests for repeating the information, agent burnout due to noise in the ear and tricky time listening to recordings for quality assessments. How can this be mitigated?

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Webhelp appoints tech industry veteran Benjamin Faes as UK CEO

Webhelp announces the appointment of Benjamin Faes as CEO of the UK. Benjamin, whose experience includes 13 years at Google and CEO of AOL France, was VP of Global Sales and Marketing at Webhelp prior to his promotion.

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CCMG - Making it easy for you to maintain your CPD

The CCMG have facilitated new courses to assist with earning your CPD points. Log onto your profile, look under CPD, you will see General Courses. When you have gone through the course and completed it. You will receive a Certificate. Please upload this onto your Profile and we will approve it and add it to your CPD Points.

Some of the courses we have added:


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