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Newsletter: September 2023

Recently I shared a short message on Facebook which I thought I would share with you.

I believe that as a species, we are eagerly seeking peace. We don't want to be alone so much as we want to effortlessly experience the pleasure of peace. Seeking people who contribute to the peace and, in turn, support, and fuel each other's flames, but only in peace.

Another anomaly is the acknowledgment of what someone brings to the party.

Let's say you arrive at someone's "dinner table." Have you just arrived and handsomely helped yourself to their beautifully adorned buffet, or are you attempting to earn the rightful place to sit at their table, respecting their peace and supporting them and the beautiful buffet they have worked so hard to accumulate? 

If you are not seated at my table. You are not seated there on purpose. It's not cruel or selfish. It's an absolute necessity for my peace. A necessity for my flames to shine bright. Because either way my flames burn bright with or without you.

Make someone else happy. Fan someone else's flames. Hold space for them peacefully. Ps, Don't get mad if you disrupt their peace while sitting at their table. 

by Kevin Britz

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