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Newsletter: October 2023

As we welcome Spring, stand together as a nation and support our rugby team during the rugby word cup and embrace the last quarter of the calendar year I think it is safe to say that life in the contact centre is gearing up, never down.

This year has seen a tremendous turn out to industry events with the focus clearly on reengaging and networking, identifying opportunities and gearing for growth.

The Western Cape is being featured as the offshore destination of choice with many new providers setting up shop in the mother city which means growth, welcoming new brands and celebrating new success. This bodes well for all our industry colleagues as the industry and nation get to showcase their talent to the world whilst tackling unemployment. Sustainability is key to this growth which means increased focus on developing new skill whilst retaining existing talent. The CCMG strongly recommend embracing the designation process for all agents with a tenure beyond 6 months which not only assists to professionalise the industry but is another way to recognise staff, encourage growth and retain skill. For more information on how to engage in this programme please see

The culmination of several industry bodies all launching their awards and conferences in similar timeframes means that we have relooked at our timing and have deferred our awards and conference to the new year instead. This means more opportunity for sponsors to engage, more time for entrants to contemplate their submissions and a mile stone event in the calendar to welcome in 2024.

Almost all of us are being challenged to do less with more, drive innovative thinking, leverage technology and create capacity for complexity. We continue to invest in this thinking by offering ongoing webinars and learning opportunities. To stay relevant please check out our calendar and watch your inbox as we communicate our events.

For all our retail clients and colleagues who are planning for peak, wrapping up a financial year end or planning a well deserved break for the end of the year good luck.

Tanya Phillips

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