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CCMG Newsletter: December 2023

I participated in a Radio interview where listeners had taken the Contact/Call Centre industry to task. The topic was Contact Centre Training and Phone Etiquette. The listeners were asking about any regulations or standards around the greetings that people were being asked, like how they were feeling. Comments were that they felt it to be completely creepy that a stranger was calling them up to ask them how they were. Is it not a standard that we introduce ourselves and tell them where we are calling from, then ask if they have time to speak?

There were further questions around the POPIA and where large corporates were getting their contact details from. I think that your customers and the consumers out there are getting a little weary of the lack of care the industry has for them. Are your lists legit? Are you making sure that they are de-duped against the do not call lists? Do the “do not call” facilities exist?

In previous conversations preceding the interview we had discussed the quality of the training of agents and how few are so good and that the majority are so bad. Are you listening to your customers and does the company care about their customers? Do you as an individual care about the quality you are delivering? Are we setting our agents up for abuse and in that damaging the reputation of your company and the industry?

As we come to the end of this year, I think it is time for us to listen to the calls we are going to be receiving from other contact centres and analysing how we feel during the call. It is also time to listen to what our agents are saying to our customers.

Definitely topics for the next Webinars.

Kind regards
Sharon Haigh (MPP-CCM)
Masters Professional Practitioner in Contact Centre Management NQF8

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