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April 2024

This April is all about the Conference and the Awards. 

Conference update:

Please have a look at the speakers and their topics for the conference. Here. You can also look at their Bio’s. Here.  Now that we have tickled your taste buds book your seats. Here.

The Awards:

The judging is over both the paper-based judging and the virtual interviews of the finalists went very well.  The scores have been audited and compared.  It was very easy to see the finalists as the difference was clear.  In many cases their scores were so close or the same.  The quality of the entries this year are of a very high standard and when you look at the finalists you can definitely see that there is stiff competition in the industry.  The virtual judging also resulted in very close outcomes, so close that all the finalists should be winners.  It is however a competition and there must be winners. We now wait with bated breath for the 24th April for the event.

To find out who the finalists are. Here. Only a few seats still available, to book. Here.

The team at the CCMG are running around getting all the finer things sorted for the events.


Date 24th April 2024

Venue: Balalaika Hotel Sandton

Time: 08:00 for morning coffee


Date 24th April 2024

Venue: Balalaika Hotel Sandton

Time: 18:00

Dress Code: Boardroom Best.

Kind regards
Sharon Haigh (MPP-CCM)
Masters Professional Practitioner in Contact Centre Management NQF8

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